Precious Plastic Estonia 

Precious Plastic Estonia started in 2017 as a summer house workshop hobby project. Being worried about the overall scale of plastic use worldwide, the team got curious about the potential use for discarded plastic for making new things. The machine blueprints and other information needed to start was already available open source, thanks to Dave Hakkens. Putting all the skills and knowledge together, the team build the first iterations of all the main Precious Plastic machines: shredder, injection, extrusion and compression.

For the first couple of years we tested various recycling techniques. We tried working with different thermoplastic materials using different tools. This process, guided by some advice from the worldwide Precious Plastic community helped us achieve a certain level of quality and recycling process reliability.

Precious Plastic Estonia is registered as an MTÜ (non-profit) since 2017.

Team 👨👩

Current team members:

Daniil Raljov – Plastic artist; manages the communications. In his spare time he writes music.

Jegor Mljavov – Plastic master; manages the technical part of the organization. In his spare time works on his DIY projects.

Anna Zavolner – Workshop boss; studies Handicraft Technology and Design at Tallinn University. In her spare time she is involved in a number of youth work projects.

Kirill Gorškov – Plastic safety guy. As a Health and Safety Environment Engineer, Kirill joined the team to help assess various aspects of plastic recycling and help with running the workspace. In his spare time he also writes music.

Lisa Voblikova – Plastic digital marketer. Lisa is responsible for presenting our products in social networks, filming and writing texts. In her free time Lisa writes fairy tales and other stories.

General 💻

Registered address:
Erika 1-20, Tallinn 10416, Estonia
Reg: 80425647

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