Recycling through cycling

by Jul 31, 2023Events0 comments

Recycling through cycling is a local project of Precious Plastic Estonia, a plastic recycling community based in Tallinn and it is a part of Tallinn – Euroopa roheline pealinn 2023 activities. We organised 3 events totally: on Reidi tee and in Telliskivi and Rotermanni.

So, we created the Bike Shredder. This extraordinary machine effortlessly transforms plastic into smaller fragments using the power of pedaling.

Our main objective here was to captivate a wide audience and showcase how shredding, a crucial step in plastic recycling, can be both engaging and enjoyable.

Also we made a giveaway of banded T-shirt and overall have a lot of fun with everybody who was happy to pedal and shred with us during this day.

During the summer series of events some of our followers brought us bottle caps, which we took to our workshop in Vivita center for subsequent sorting.