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Precious Plastic Estonia

As part of a big Precious Plastic community, we recycle plastic into cool new things, organise and take part in local projects and run educational workshops.

What is Precious Plastic?

Precious Plastic is a worldwide movement aiming to provide a global solution to the plastic waste problem. It provides machine plans, product designs, knowledge on plastic and the industry, business models and a full ecosystem that can be adopted by anyone who wants to take the problem into their own hands. All the resources published online are free and open for anyone to use and modify.

we recycle plastic into


we recycle plastic into


we run


we make


we recycle plastic into



we recycle plastic into PRODUCTS

Take your time to explore the wall clock designs available.


We run educational WORKSHOPS

Hold your cards together with our recycled plastic cardholder.



Carabiners for attaching things together. Hang it on your keys or make a long carabiner chain.



Take your time to explore coasters / tiles designs available.



Our wallets are made of used packaging and plastic film bags. The designs vary on the material type, source and the way colours are layered.


✨ Your product idea ✨

If you have something specific in mind, please drop us a message to discuss it further.

We recycle plastic into products:
Carabiners etc

We run educational workshops

We build machines for plastic recycling
Custom orders

Recent Events & Projects

Disainiöö Festival 2019

Place: Noblessner, Tallinn Dates: 16-22/09/2019 The 14th Tallinn Design Festival (Disainiöö / Design Night) had "Future Materials " as the main topic due to the fact that designers and architects know relatively little about new modern materials and their...

Art of nature Festival 2022

Workshop in the middle of forest. In the beginning of June we have been invited to join the practical sessions at the Art of Nature festival and run a workshop about recycling plastic into new cool things. Between the main events there was some time and space for DIY...

ESC: Recirculate Plastic 2021

Recirculate Plastic is a year-long project that allowed participants to glance into the world of plastic recycling. It provided a chance to better understand what the problem is and what challenges are hiding in it. The project was based on a series of workshops that...

Workshop with kids

15.04.2023 we held a workshop for a youth group from Lääne-Virumaa: 30 students aged 13 to 16 were divided into three groups and took part in making earrings, coin pouches and carabiners. Our guests are participants of youth camps dedicated to the theme of landscape...

Recirculate Plastic 2022

The project "Recirculate Plastic" consisted of a series of pop-up workshops in popular city locations held during the summer 2022. The project objectives were to give participants some insights of why the topic of plastic recycling is an important one in the modern...

Rohefest 2023

During the Europe Day 2023 we participated in RoheFest, which was organized by Tallinn - Euroopa roheline pealinn 2023 We demonstrated to the guests the injection machine that melted shredded bottle caps Everyone who wanted to join the practical process of recycling,...

Fantastic Plastic

Place: The New Tretyakov Gallery, Western wing, Krimsky Val 10, Moscow Dates: 02.10.2020 — 30.05.2021 The exhibition is aimed at raising public and experts’ awareness of the possibilities of plastic reuse, introducing the visitors to the...


Recent events, projects and exhibitions

Recycling through cycling

Recycling through cycling

Recycling through cycling is a local project of Precious Plastic Estonia, a plastic recycling community based in Tallinn and it is a part of Tallinn - Euroopa roheline pealinn 2023 activities. We organised 3 events totally: on Reidi tee and in Telliskivi and...

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Old town days 2023

Old town days 2023

During Old Town Days 2023 Precious Plastic Estonia held several workshops for guests of Shnelli Park, who were interested in recycling activities.  We offered wallets and earrings workshops for kids and grown-ups and made plenty of beautifully designed products...

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Visit Tallinn visit

Visit Tallinn visit

24.04.2023 Precious Plastic Estonia held a workshop for Visit Tallinn guests from Finland. We talked about how Precious Plastic community around the world is drawing people's attention to recycling plastic waste activities. Also we showed our machines that we use in...

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    Precious Plastic workspaces are located in more than 60 countries with thousands of people involved all due to importance of our mission of tackling plastic pollution